Eleven Medicinal Mushrooms and their Healing Properties

tips Dec 28, 2020

A colleague of mine asked about how I use mushroom with Lyme disease patients. Here are the top eleven mushrooms I use and their healing properties:

  1. Agaricus (liver support, anti-cancer),
  2. Agarikon (anti bacterial, antiviral),
  3. Chaga (anti-cancer, immune support, lower inflammation),
  4. cordyceps (fatigue, anti-cancer, immune support, libido, anti-inflammatory),
  5. Lions mane (neuroprotective, anxiety, depression, MS-remyelination, anti-inflammatory),
  6. Maitake (fatigue, low vitamin D, anti-cancer, immune modulation),
  7. Poria (drain dampness, tonify heart/spleen, tonify yin, neuroprotection, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia),
  8. Reishi (tonify the spirit / ling, depression, anxiety, anti-cancer, fatigue, immune support, anti-aging),
  9. Reishi spores (same as reishi, retroviruses),
  10. Shiitake (anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, low vitamin D, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal)
  11. Turkey tail (anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, healing leaky gut, anti-bacterial)

These mushrooms are given in a microparticle liposomes to Lyme disease and chronic infection patients to get their healing deeper into the brain, liver, cells, and tumors.

Interested in becoming a patient and getting microparticle mushrooms for your healing? Scroll below! 

Happy shrooms!


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