HEAL for Real

A community of practitioners and patients that are seeking advanced natural remedies and treatments for Lyme+.

Do you want to feel like you did years ago, or maybe even better?
Are you looking for health advice, support, answers, and explanations?
Do your health issues make you feel isolated, helpless, or alone?

If so, we’re here to help!

$40 Monthly Subscription (3-month minimum)
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In-depth Analysis

We are doing a deep dive each month into a healing topic that is a big concern amongst our patients and the HEAL for REAL community. We are providing weekly webinars which cover the topic from different angles. These angles include a basic understanding, an in-depth analysis based on what YOU want to know, treatments, remedies, and plenty of time for questions. 

Recordings & More

By signing up for HEAL for REAL, you also get access to all the past HEAL recordings (from Facebook or the website), as well as any worksheets, extra videos, and articles we post. So you won't miss any trainings because We plan on providing not only worksheets to help with implementation but also specialized videos.

Demos and Implementation

As part of the deep dive into each healing topic, we are also demonstrating the devices and in-office treatments that are helping patients in our clinic with this issue. This means we will be having monthly demos and implementation sections for each topic, focusing on showing ways of using remedies and treatments to get faster healing results with your patients and yourself. 

The Framework: 

Weekly Webinars will be held every Wednesday, live,  at 3:00 p.m. EST. If you are not able to attend the live webinars, no worries! Recordings will be posted on our website :-)

The first week will be the introduction class. This will go over the basics of the topic and important tips. This is also where YOU can share with us your specific struggles with the topic and get answers to your most pressing questions around healing the issue.

The second week will go more in-depth into the topic, including excerpts from patients treatments and remedies, and focusing on the particular aspects you want to hear about! 

The third week will be all about remedies and treatments that are working in the clinic. This includes short demos on treatments and remedies that are working with our patients with this issue, as well as worksheets to help you understand how these remedies and treatments accelerate the healing process.

The fourth week of each month will allow you to ask any remaining questions about the topic, or how you may want to proceed. We will also discuss which topic you might want to be covered the next month. 

Got Questions or Ideas?

Tell us what you want out of the HEAL for REAL Community, or ask us your questions by submitting the form below:

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Why HEAL for Real?

Here at the Lyme Research & Healing Center, we learned from over a thousand patients about effective remedies and treatments from all points in the healing process. Through this, and though our next generation testing, we have been able to develop a deeper understanding of the causes of Lyme and other chronic illnesses. 

It is our goal to share information which can be part of the training process of over a thousand medical providers who will help a million Lyme patients. 

By joining HEAL for Real, you have the opportunity to benefit from all our knowledge and experience for a fraction of the cost of other practitioners, while still receiving tailored and in-depth information on the subject that you can trust. 

HEAL for Real

A community of practitioners and patients that are seeking advanced natural remedies and treatments for Lyme+.

$40 Monthly Subscription (3-month minimum)
$400 Annual Subscription *Get 2 Months FREE