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Learn the strategies that have worked for our patients and learn how to get your health and life back. 


Did you know that antibiotics doesn't always solve your Lyme and Co-infection issues??

Take the first step towards transformation.


You Can Create Freedom from your health issues

Learn the formula to building your health and use it to:

  • Learn ways to manage and get rid of your symptoms. 
  • Learn how to target specific infections and parasites that may still be in your body. 
  • Get much needed healing information and support from Greg, and the community. 
  • Get your hope back that you can heal, and there are ways for you to help yourself. 
  • Find natural, tangible remedies, that will yield results and help you heal.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

By becoming a member of HEAL for Real you can learn how to fight back against your illnesses and symptoms. 


What Do You Get?

In-depth Analysis

We are doing a deep dive each month into a healing topic that is a big concern amongst our patients and the HEAL for REAL community. We are providing weekly webinars which cover the topic from different angles. These angles include a basic understanding, an in-depth analysis based on what YOU want to know, treatments, remedies, and plenty of time for questions. 

Recordings & More

By signing up for HEAL for REAL, you also get access to all the past HEAL (from Facebook) and HEAL for Real recordings (over 100 hours of recording on top Lyme related issues). You also get access to any worksheets, extra videos, and articles we post. So you won't miss any trainings. We provide not only worksheets to help with implementation but also specialized demonstration videos.

Demos and Implementation

As part of the deep dive into each healing topic, we are also demonstrating the devices and in-office treatments that are helping patients in our clinic with this issue. This means we will be having monthly demos and implementation sections for each topic, focusing on showing ways of using remedies and treatments to get faster healing results with your patients and yourself. 

In The Next 6 Months, You Could…

  • Finally have energy to live your life
  • Mediate Chronic-Lyme Symptoms
  • Become more self-confident and regain lost hope. 

The right natural treatment and remedies can make all the difference in your day-to-day treatment. Learn what you may be missing, and tackle topics you have been struggling with for years.

The Framework Of The community...

Weekly Webinars will be held every Wednesday, live, at 3:00 p.m. EST. If you are not able to attend the live webinars, no worries! Recordings will be posted on our website :-)


The Basics to the Topic

When tackling any illness, you need to make sure that you know the basics of the topic. This includes:

  • What symptoms and signs let you know this is one of your issues.
  • The causes of the illness.
  • What is really happening to your body.

You’ll finish this lesson with a complete picture of what the issue/illness is, and where it comes from.


Past Patient Secrets 

Getting concrete examples of healing techniques that have worked for others in the past can be a huge cause of breakthroughs in healing yourself or your patients. Week two dives deeper into the topic in including:

  • In-depth case studies sharing successful techniques from our clinic
  • The best tips and tricks we use with our patients
  • Explanations of treatments and what they do to help you heal

You’ll finish this course with an understanding of what has worked in the past for similar cases, and what treatments and remedies you may want to use.


Get It Done Implementation Intensive

Knowing what treatments and remedies you want to use is great... But you also need to know how to do them! In this lesson, you’ll:

  • Get live demonstrations of the healing techniques you want to learn about
  • Learn about even more treatments and remedies that could help
  • Understand when to use the different treatments, techniques, and remedies

You’ll finish this lesson with your passive income plan for the next 5 years.


Final Healing Secrets

As you learn more about the topics, we imagine you will have a ton of questions by the last week. That's why this week is all about:

  • Finishing the month by sharing our top herbs, remedies, and treatments for the topic
  • Answering any questions you may still have, and making sure you have an idea of your next steps
  • And talking to you about which topic you want to hear about next

You’ll finish this week with a complete understanding of the topic and what you should do next. This week will also help us choose which topic to cover in the following months. 

This Community Is For You If You...

  • Want to know real healing techniques with past success
  • Want support and someone to answer your questions 
  • Want to know how to choose between different treatments, and use them
  • Seem to have tried everything under the sun with little to no success
Taught by

Greg Lee

Greg Lee will be teaching you about natural remedies and treatments for Lyme and other chronic illnesses. His team also provides valuable support to help you learn how to help your patients to heal their Lyme symptoms more quickly.

Greg Lee is the driving force behind the Lyme Research & Healing Center,, and a world expert on using Chinese herbs and alternative medicines and treatments for healing incredibly persistent Lyme disease and multiple chronic infections.

Greg Lee has been featured in numerous podcasts, summits, and seminars focused on Lyme Disease and other chronic illnesses. 

He has worked for decades and helped heal thousands of Lyme Patients, using innovative testing and treatment techniques. Now he hosts a number of trainings and webinars helping as many people struggling to heal Lyme as he can. 

"Pieces to the puzzle that have never been explained......don't know how to thank you enough"

- M.P HFR Subscriber

"I really feel the hydrogenie helped get me out of a brain swelling pattern in a life-saving way"

- N.S HFR Subscriber

"...I am always looking for tips, and also want people to have hope because I do. Greg's tips have helped me, I hope to learn more..."

- D.K HFR Subscriber

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