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Here’s what Dale King, former President of the Lyme Disease Association of the Eastern Shore of Maryland (LDAESM) has to say about Greg.

“The information [in the Getting Rid of Lyme Disease Pain, Fatigue, and Mental Fog lecture] was excellent and well presented. The LDAESM is very fortunate to have so many valuable resources such as yourself to draw from with our questions and concerns.”

Working with his first few Lyme patients, Greg was only able to produce temporary improvements in their pain, fatigue, and mental fog. It frustrated him that their symptoms would quickly return. Over the past twelve years, he has analyzed eastern and western medical research studies to find answers for helping these patients.

Here is how one patient named Vicki, who is a nurse, has improved with treatment:

“I’ve had Lyme since I was eighteen years old and I am forty now. I’ve been treated for everything under the sun. I’ve been treated with immuno-suppressants for Lupus for fifteen years.

I’ve been diagnosed with sarcoidosis, MS [Multiple Sclerosis], fibromyalgia, heart and immune problems. I’ve had every different treatment under the sun. Over a two year period, I had six emergency room visits for severe headaches, Bels palsy, and meningitis. After everything else failed to get my symptoms under control, my doctor said that my next step was chemotherapy with a brain biopsy. And that is when I came to Greg.

I feel like a normal person again.

The pain has been a big thing. I’ve been taking pain medicine for a long time, I’ve been able to cut that down to just very minimal amounts at times. I’ve had a headache for years and that’s actually gone. Over the last week, I’ve been able to do amazing things. Things that I have not been able to do for a long time.

Things that have improved are my sleep, my energy, my pain, the brain fog. Actually everything has improved in some way or another."

Vicki C – Hospice Nurse, Eldersburg, Maryland

Drawing from different medical traditions, he has developed the GoodbyeLyme System for healing persistent Lyme disease. The GoodbyeLyme System provides a customized treatment program for treating Lyme disease bacteria and co-infection pathogens, neutralizing toxins, and healing the damage to different organs and systems of the body. This system also helps you to tap into your most powerful source of healing.

Here is how another client found relief:

“I went to the doctor, I did 21 days of antibiotic felt a little better, but not really. Some of the pain did go away, I will give it that, but it still wasn’t even like close to being back to normal.

I had a lot of pain in my foot, I had pain in my head, I had pain in my left shoulder, and almost immediately after I did the acupuncture, and we did some other things, the foot [pain] went away immediately. I mean by the time I walked out of here, it was 90% better, and within a day or two it was gone.

I left here Monday, and the pain behind my ear where I had it for a couple months, that was all gone within a day or so. On Tuesday, after I started taking the herbs I felt pretty good, I could see a difference.

Wednesday and Thursday I felt like a million bucks, I had all my energy back, I wasn’t falling asleep, I actually worked for, 12 hours on that one day. Thursday evening, I had a toxic release and that put me down, I was drained Friday and Saturday, Sunday it [my energy] came back.

Sunday I was a little tired, but I did play 18 holes of golf, haven’t done that in a while. For me it has been a great turn around. I mean my peers have seen it, and my wife has definitely seen it, she is real happy right now, as I am.”

Doug L. – Program Manager, Frederick, Maryland

In addition to helping patients, Greg has also taught courses on alternative medicine at different medical colleges. For several years, he was a director and instructor at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute. He has also taught classes on alternative healing to medical students at the University of Maryland Medical School. He has written several articles for the National Fibromyalgia Association online newsletter. He was also a managing partner at LionHeart Consulting.

Here’s are some other comments about Greg from medical professionals that also treat people with Lyme disease.

“I’ve been in clinical practice 25 years just a few miles north of Lyme, Connecticut, and I’ve treated hundreds of people with this disease. It is so pervasive throughout the continental United States. Many physicians still seem to fail to recognize the early warning signs of Lyme or to take tick bites seriously. Greg Lee has made an excellent study of Lyme disease and offers many resources both for patients and practitioners of Chinese medicine.”

Lonny Jarret – Scholar, Acupuncturist, and Author of Nourishing Destiny, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

In addition to treating patients, Greg also trains physicians, naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and licensed medical professionals on the Essential Oils for Stopping Lyme Disease Training.

“I was really impressed with your ability to deal with people with profound illnesses. No one I have read about uses the Chinese herbs like you do. Or does cupping for detoxification when it comes to Lyme.

As a Lyme [Literate] Doctor and a Lyme patient, I have researched, administered and received many traditional and alternative treatments. And the GoodbyeLyme System has surprised me at every turn. It’s aggressive, but gentle; comprehensive but focused on the multitude of problems at hand; systematic but leaves room for intuition and individual customization. I now have the confidence that I can have, and can keep, the upper hand on Lyme with the GoodbyeLyme System.”

Dr. Peter Kassner – Naturopathic Physician, Tuscaloosa, Alabama

He also self-publishes a newsletter on healing Lyme disease. Greg now offers the benefits of the GoodbyeLyme System worldwide to others through individual treatment, training seminars, workshops, consultancy, speaking, and in his free newsletter via his websites.

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